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Resetting the body, mind and senses, through the head. The atama head spa experience activates an all-encompassing sense of healing, health & beauty, for a lasting quietness of being.

To unwind and be still is one of the modern world’s greatest luxuries, at atama we believe it should be practiced often.

The Skalic Method

A holistic focus on the scalp, head, neck and face. The Skalic Method combines principles of trichology, topical treatments, and Japanese cleansing practices. It also implements the Japanese methodologies of ‘Fascia’ and ‘Zudo’, which helps promote holistic healing, relaxation and restoration

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“We’re living in a world where stillness has become a luxury. Our passion is to generously share it.”

Gabriel Skalic, Founder, atama.

The Yume DX

Each atama treatment room features a Yume DX, a Japanese design, built to enhance the head spa experience and to encourage decompression of the spine, neck and head.

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